User Agreement
Account - personal account of the Program , created for the Partner during the conclusion of the Agreement.
Partner - individual person or legal entity accepting the user agreement to participate in the Program.
End-User - an individual person, mobile phone user, who uses the Service for their own purposes .
Portal - referral Internet game site of the Program.
Program - GLOMO Affiliate Program.
Resource - Internet site of the Partner, as well as publications and other means of distribution.
Service - information and entertainment services provided by the Program.
User Agreement - this agreement between the Program and the Partner.
Party - the Programm and/or the Partner .

The User Agreement required to comply with both, the Partners and the Programm. Visitor Registration Program website constitutes acceptance of the terms of the Agreement .
In case of violation of the Agreement Partner Program reserves the right to apply to the Partner penalties or delete account .
Agreement shall be binding upon the Parties on its signing and shall be applied in resolving any disputes between the Parties.

1. The main provisions .
1.1. Participation in the program is free and voluntary. Partner can only become the owner of the resource with the attendance of over 1000 unique visitors per day.
1.2. When registering Partner must specify correct information about themselves and their resources. If you change this information Partner shall, within three (3 ) days to make the necessary changes to the settings section Partner.
1.3. Partner must follow the privacy details of the Account in the Program. For the consequences arising from access by third parties to the Account details on fault Partner Program is not responsible.

2 . Participation in the Program.
2.1. Using the Resource Partner for posting information about the service in the form of files of games and / or XML- export and / or php- script and / or i-frame.
2.2. Using the Resource Partner for posting information about the Service as a rotator games, banner, referral link for the Programme , the referral links to the portal .

3 . Tools Program.
3.1. The program provides direct access to the files of games to be placed on the resource, as well as XML- export , php- scripts, a referral link to the Portal , the game , the registration in the program.
3.2. The program provides all the necessary promotional materials , rotators , banners .
3.3. The program provides technical support to partners and users Partner.
3.4. The program provides access to detailed on-line sales statistics service partner .
3.5. The program provides weekly remuneration Partner through the payment system WebMoney.

4 . The use of tools.
4.1. Partner may use any of the provided tools for the dissemination of the Service, by placing the correct information about it.

5 . Placement of information .
5.1. Partner is responsible for the correct use of information provided by the Program Service.
5.2. Partner is prohibited :
5.2.1. Unsolicited spam mailing to e- mail addresses or cell phone numbers of potential users , the imposition of the Service.
5.2.2. The introduction of user confusion regarding methods of payment and the value of the Service, as well as the order of use of services provided by the Program.
5.2.3. The use of illegal forms of orders ( fraud , from the English . Fraud - deceit, fraud) .
5.2.4. Unauthorized incorporation of the Service extraneous files and applications.
5.3. Partner's responsibility in case of violations of Article 5.2 . agreement:
5.3.1. Written warning to the e- mail address Partner.
5.3.2. A fine in the amount of damage inflicted Program.
5.3.3. Blocking Account Partner with discharge sales statistics Partner and subsequent removal of the Account .

6. The order of actions and changes in the Agreement
6.1. The Agreement shall enter into force immediately after the registration of the Partner Program. Registration is the acceptance by the public offer in accordance with the Agreement.
6.2. The program has the right to change / add terms of the Agreement without prior notice to the Partners. In the case of changes / additions Agreement , a new Agreement shall enter into force for all Partners Program.
6.3. Partner has the right to terminate the Agreement by giving notice to the email address of the program. The agreement is considered terminated at the expiration of thirty (30 ) working days of receipt of notice of termination of the Program.